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Our safe, secure, and nurturing environment will instill trust in the child with other adults and their peers. Trust in others will enable the child to be secure with their self and help them to build positive self-esteem. It instills in them the willingness to take risks and take chances with new things.

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At Community Preschool, we pride ourselves in offering a unique environment for every child to form the foundation needed to handle the challenges of today’s kindergarten curriculum.


Community Preschool strongly believes that being a part of the community and helping others is an important quality to teach young children.  We provide children and their families an opportunity to be part of a larger community by participating in food donations through the Geauga County Hunger Task Force’s Drive Thru Meal Kit Program, as well as collecting toys and books around the holidays for Geauga County Job & Family Service.


Give Back

In this room, children work with many different forms of art mediums. These mediums will help develop their creativity, eye-hand coordination, and small motor development. Your child may choose to or choose not to do the structured art lesson of the day. No pressure is put on the child to do anything they may not feel comfortable doing.

This room assists in developing the children’s gross motor skills through riding toys, athletic equipment, and much more! Children will also explore musical, rhythmic, and creative movement activities. These activities establish a greater understanding of the child’s body awareness and position in space. Children are able to explore their environment through gross motor activities without the fear of competition.

Gross motors are build through play

This room has a variety of activities for the child to explore. Large building toys are available to enhance large motor, perceptual, and cooperation skills. The housekeeping and dress-up corner enable the child to role play and develop their imagination. It also provides many opportunities for your child to interact with peers.

When the weather is nice in Ohio, we make it a point to take the children outdoors! We have an enclosed playground that allows for more gross motor skills, as well as fresh air and burning off their endless amounts of energy!


What Parents Are Saying

“Love this preschool!! My daughter has come a long way in just 1 year. Highly recommend!! Plus the teachers are amazing.”

“My daughter loves her preschool class here. The teachers and staff are kind and patient. I would highly recommend and the tuition is quite reasonable. I plan on sending my younger daughter as well when she is ready for preschool.”

“Love, love, love! My son has such a wonderful experience at Community Preschool. Couldn’t be happier!”